A few words to describe me

Warm, welcoming, calm and happy presence, laid back, organized, bright, fun, easy going personality, personable, professional.

I’m Sidney

I’m a photographer, dress fluffer, wedding party organizer, the one that directs family during family formals, and the one that teaches groomsmen how to pin boutonnieres. I'm there to help with all the little things that go into your wedding day.

I strive to create natural, timeless and joyful photos on your day. When you look back on your wedding photos years later you’ll remember all the vibrant colors, and not just how your wedding day looked, but the joy you felt. Every couple is unique and your photos will reflect and celebrate that. 

On your wedding day I’ll be there to provide you with lots of direction during portraits to ensure your day flows smoothly and will leave you feeling comfortable in front of the camera. For the rest of the day I like to leave the candid moments, well, candid. I take the ‘fly on the wall’ approach where I’ll observe and document your day as it happens. The in-between moments where you see your partner for the first time, your mom’s happy tears as you walk down the aisle, and your grandparents getting low on the dance floor – Those are oftentimes the photos that leave me feeling the most excited at the end of your wedding day.

Your wedding should feel like one big celebration and so should your photos! Celebrating your marriage with all of your favorite people is what it’s all about – just a bonus that I get to be there to document it for you!

The SB Mascots 

It’s also important that you meet the official doodle mascots – Molly (aka Moll-Moll), and Luna (often known as Luna Tuna)… the nicknames accidentally stuck. Although they don’t travel to weddings, they do play an important role in all bts work in the office.

My own love story

My husband, Colton, and I got married in August 2021. We met at a bonfire through mutual friends. All throughout college we hung out with the same group of friends, but our paths never crossed until a few months after I graduated. And it turned out – he only lived three houses down from me.

Get to know me better

How do I spend a lot of my free time?

How did Colton and I meet?

What is my go-to drink?

In high school
At a bonfire
In a bar
In a fitness class


Playing Tennis
Home reno projects

What did I study in college?

What am I deathly afraid of?

All the above

Graphic design and photography

What type of TV show am I most likely to binge?

Hallmark romances 
Suspenseful thrillers
Grey’s Anatomy
Anything interior design 

What is my favorite ice cream flavor?

Moose tracks
Blue moon
Cookie dough

What is my go-to outfit?

Sun dress and heels
Yoga pants and a tank
Jeans and a tee
My pajamas 

Everything looking good so far?